Mantis & Chimonas qualified to Sunday’s Grand Final of the Hellenic Match Racing Tour 2016. Mantis’ team, Nespresso VMG qualified easily against Hellenic Police scoring 2 – 0. At the same time Chimona’s team, Rebuild Construction, overcame the obstacle of Stratis Andreadis’ team, Dark n Stormy Salty Bag with the same score.

Todays results in detail:

Quarter Finals
NESPRESSO VMG vs Jolly 3 – 0
Rebuild Construction vs allinBlusive NCTh 3 – 0
Hellenic Police vs Tsoulfas Sailing Team 3 – 0
Dark n’ Stormy Salty Bag vs North Sails Ursa Minor 3 – 1

Semi Finals
NESPRESSO VMG vs Hellenic Police 2 – 0
Rebuild Construction vs Dark n’ Stormy Salty Bag 2 – 0